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Beginner Yoga, Flow Yoga and Power Vinyasa Classes

If you are new to yoga, we recommend you start with our yoga for beginners class, developed specifically for the first timer in mind. In this class, you will explore the foundations of a yoga practice, from breath work, physical movements and guided meditation. This is a great class for those just starting out, or for the experienced yogi looking to get back to basics!

After you have played with beginner classes, you may be ready to challenge your practice a little, For this, we offer a variety of flow yoga classes. Each flow class has been flawlessly programmed by our instructors to offer fluid movement, accompanied by the breath, guiding you into a strength building, moving meditation. Each flow class offers a different style and the freedom to explore your yoga practice.

Power Vinyasa classes offer a more advanced, energetic approach to practicing yoga, often offering more intensity in each posture utilizing stronger movements as you pair it with the breath. We recommend some previous yoga experience before diving into vinyasa flow.

Yoga Fusion Classes

Take your physical practice to another level with our unique fusion classes. In these classes, you can expect to add an additional level of fitness using props such as light weights, gliders, chairs, balance boards and your own body weight. These classes are designed to tone muscle, shed fat and help you feel challenged and energized. Choose from a variety of classes including:

Yogalates Freedom Flow

In this fun and inspiring class, you can expect a fusion of yoga, Pilates and dance all wrapped up into one. The freedom to explore, strengthen and move your body in a new and safe way will give you the perfect opportunity to wind down the day and release into the happiest version of yourself.

Balance Board Yoga

If you love paddle board yoga or have always wanted to try, this is the perfect class for you! In this balance and core focused class, we will practice yoga both on our mats, as well as on balance boards! These fun little balance trainers are meant to provide instability to strengthen the core and smaller muscles in the body. Though we will play with many postures and exercises on our boards, our main focus is core strength and stability. If you love a challenge, or trying new things, then this class is for you!
***Some yoga experience recommended***

Suspension Trainer Yoga Flow

This all levels friendly class uses body suspension training to build lean muscle, burn fat, stretch the muscles and ultimately strengthen your yoga practice. This fun and unique class will leave you feeling strong, refreshed and balanced!

Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditation and Candlelit Classes

Choose from a variety of gentle classes that bring ease to stiff joints, sore muscles and tired bodies. Each class is carefully and skillfully planned by your instructor to help you move through your yoga practice mindfully and safely. These classes are welcoming for all levels of practitioners.

Our deep stretch and release class is a wonderful option for athletes looking for a muscular recovery and joint mobility exploration. Held on Sunday evenings, this class is a great opportunity to rest mind, body and soul for the week ahead,

Also on our schedule are meditation-based and candlelit classes for the days your body and mind are calling for ease, relaxation and release. These classes are all levels friendly, meaning that beginners to advanced yoga practitioners will benefit from the ease these classes bring.